Sunday, May 29, 2011

Always Hold On To Smallville - New Music Video, "Superman"

Hi everyone!

Just thought some of you might like to check out my newest Music Video!! It's set to "Superman (It's Not Easy)" by Five For Fighting. Mostly Clark-centric, but a lot of Clois, too. Features clips from all 10 seasons right up to Finale.

I have taken a break from the MV world for about a year - real life is mostly to blame. All I've been doing is posting my weekly clips, as most of you know. Not gonna lie, that always monopolized most of my "down time." But I've been working on this particular music video for almost 3 months off & on. It's maybe not my BEST work but as my reintroduction to the medium I'm really hoping it will be well received.


New Music Videos Playlist

This Playlist link will take you to my main channel, of course, where you can also find most of my other music videos from the last few years! Please enjoy, share & let me know what you think.

Hope life after Smallville is treating everyone well. This isn't the end ... as my new video is meant to remind everyone ... we'll "always hold on to Smallville." I'm hoping to have a lot more videos and projects (haven't decided on a S10 Countdown yet, but I'd like to try one!) coming your way so please stay in touch! :)


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Smallville FINALE - SPOILERS - WOW!!!!!!

OK, wow ... this was pure PERFECTION!!! I seriously could not have possibly asked for a better send-off. It had everything I've ever wanted over the last 10 years, and MORE. SO MUCH MORE! I'm blown away! Truly!! :)

I will TRY to write a proper 'review' in the next day or so if I get some sleep & get to feeling better (long story).

I *really* couldn't sleep at ALL tonight. So here I am. It's 6am and I've got 3 more clips to share. They're all in order, so you can just go to the PLAYLIST link, click "PLAY ALL," and you're set for a little mini-Finale!! Seriously, the entire Playlist is about 51 minutes long, which means there's only about 30 minutes of the episode I DIDN'T include!!

I've NEVER gone to this extreme before, but it's worth it because, well, this is the end and it was ... priceless.

Still, I really do hope that at least some people enjoy the clips I've spent the last 8 hours working on! :) I figured it was the last time I'd ever get to do it, so even if only a dozen or so people care that I'm posting it, that's OK because I enjoy doing it and I'm happy to offer this. In the end, the people who DO enjoy it, make up for the ones who don't ... in spades! :)

So here ya go ... now I'm gonna get me some breakfast & try to take a nap at least. I've forgotten what sleep is (long story, won't bore any of you with my personal crap LOL). Goodnight, or more likely, good MORNING to all of you. I do hope you enjoy the clips - yes, even you lurkers out there, haha! ;)

By My Side
Chloe & Lois (Clark's Vows)
A Perfect Fit (Door Scene)
Down the Aisle
Wedding or Darkness?
Luthors Face Their Darkseid
Go Save the World!
The Villain & The Hero (Lex Vs. Clark)
Tess Makes a Choice
Guidance (Kent Family)
Clark's Trials (FLIGHT!)
Lift the Darkness (TIGHTS!)
It's a Bird, it's a Plane, it's SUPERMAN!
A SUPER Future!

PLAYLIST LINK ...consists of 14 incredible clips, totaling about 51 minutes, IN ORDER, so please spread the word! ;)

Oh, and before I go ...
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