Friday, November 12, 2010

Abandoned SPOILERS!


Here are the clips from Abandoned! Enjoy! :)

Box of memories

Lois and Ella (Teri Hatcher's scene - get some tissue handy!)

Lois heads to the Fortress

Lois & Clark see Jor-El & Lara

Moving forward - MAJOR *SPOILER ALERT*



Such a beautiful episode ... and while it was a little too "busy" at times ... the two surprises at the end definitely made up for it. Granny Goodness was pure perfection. Teri Hatcher, Julian Sands and Helen Slater were all incredible - as expected - so much emotion and development came out of their short scenes. Tess' secret was a shock that has been coming for a long time. And while we've seen a lot of foreshadowing for an engagement between Clark and Lois, I don't think many of us expected it to move THIS quickly!

Season 10 is definitely on a roll, and I for one am really enjoying the ride!