Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Absolute Justice Promo!

I am officially EXCITED enough to start COUNTING THE DAYS TO FEBRUARY 5th!!!!!

Hawkman looks INCREDIBLE! So much better than I expected! Just hope it translates well to live action. I am so thankful for my HD-TV ... that's the real test! If those wings look half as good as this on my large TV then they really will have impressed me!

Major fangirl geek-gasm going on right now! ;)

As for the How Far We've Come Project ... a few more e-mails have gone out. I'll post an updated list in the next few days as soon as I send out the next round. Ideally by Thursday, Friday at the latest. Feel free to contact me with any problems ... and PLEASE follow the procedures I posted originally to get the links. I won't be responding to YouTube messages or Blog comments or messages on random sites. You will ONLY get my attention if you send me an e-mail. That's all I ask, I don't think it should be difficult.

Thanks again, everybody, and Happy New Year! It's gonna be a fabulous year for Smallville fans, especially Clois fans ... I just know it! :)

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