Friday, October 29, 2010

After 6 years of foreplay ... Clois does it! :)

The last 3 weeks in a row on "Smallville" have proven to be MONUMENTAL as far as the relationship between Clark and Lois is concerned. Just ... WOW.

Homecoming - they finally declare their love for one another, and Clark actually FLIES!

Isis - they both decide to come clean about the big "secret," but luckily Clark goes first, *officially* making Lois the ONLY person he has ever truly been honest with because he WANTED to.

Harvest - promises are made, a secret is passed on and the love is consummated!

What more could we possibly ask for? I don't expect an engagement, I know some Cloisers do, but I'll be happy if they just seriously *discuss* the topic of marriage before the series ends. That said - the way things are going - I wouldn't be shocked if they don't actually go ahead and allow them to go for it! We'll see!

Most of us knew what would happen during tonight's episode - but knowing about it and seeing it actually happen are two VERY different things! It was, in a word, perfect! Beautiful. Romantic. Sexy. Tender. Heartwarming. Not to mention, much more satisfying to watch because it lasted for more than 10 seconds (remember Pandora?). So, yeah. They are listening to us, and BOY are they delivering. In SPADES. It's amazing!

There was a lot that happened in this episode. The Clois relationship certainly progressed in other ways. Connor Stanhope, one of my favorite young actors, returned as young Lex (errr, Alexander, uhhhh ... I mean Lex) and delivered an incredible performance. Cassidy Freeman was on FIRE, as always. Erica Durance is one HELL of an actor. Period.

Right now I'm going to cut this semi-short because I had a tooth pulled yesterday ... needless to say I'm exhausted and in a fair amount of pain. But I did manage to upload THE big scene in the meantime. It's about 4 minutes and includes a wonderful moment between Clark and Lois in the loft that quickly ends up, ahem, in the bedroom. :)

YouTube: "You're the one. You always will be."

I can't get over how incredible the chemistry is between Tom and Erica. They really bring out the BEST in each other, in every scene. Best chemistry I've ever seen on-screen - rivaled only by Dean & Teri, of course - but still the best, nonetheless.

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