Saturday, December 11, 2010


Hey all!

I wasn't going to rush and work on clips tonight because I'm having a bit of a personal crisis at the moment (putting it mildly). Without saying too much ... I am being taken to court Tuesday morning and will likely be evicted and thrown on the streets on Christmas Eve - it takes 10 days for them to have the sheriff put me out. So as you can all imagine I'm not doing very well. But, Icarus was soooooo damn good, and I need a little distraction from my own problems ...

I hope to continue my "tradition" of posting clips for you guys come January, but at least for tonight - anyway - I'm still here ... and I wanted to honor the amazing, final mid-season cliffhanger!

Best mid-season cliffhanger in the history of Smallville, hands down! I even appreciated Chloe's "deleted scene" from Lazarus. I was dreading what happened to Carter, but deep down I knew it was coming - and the way it happened was really beautiful and certainly meaningful. As for the Clois proposal/engagement ... what can I say other than it was pure PERFECTION!! If you haven't seen the episode yet you might want to prepare yourself for some tears (happy and sad). Not to mention a lot of intense, nail-biting moments! Enjoy! Hope to see you all January 28th for the return of Smallville! :)

"Will you marry me?"

Fate & Sacrifice


Stay together

Hawkman's sacrifice

Funeral for a hero


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