Sunday, May 29, 2011

Always Hold On To Smallville - New Music Video, "Superman"

Hi everyone!

Just thought some of you might like to check out my newest Music Video!! It's set to "Superman (It's Not Easy)" by Five For Fighting. Mostly Clark-centric, but a lot of Clois, too. Features clips from all 10 seasons right up to Finale.

I have taken a break from the MV world for about a year - real life is mostly to blame. All I've been doing is posting my weekly clips, as most of you know. Not gonna lie, that always monopolized most of my "down time." But I've been working on this particular music video for almost 3 months off & on. It's maybe not my BEST work but as my reintroduction to the medium I'm really hoping it will be well received.


New Music Videos Playlist

This Playlist link will take you to my main channel, of course, where you can also find most of my other music videos from the last few years! Please enjoy, share & let me know what you think.

Hope life after Smallville is treating everyone well. This isn't the end ... as my new video is meant to remind everyone ... we'll "always hold on to Smallville." I'm hoping to have a lot more videos and projects (haven't decided on a S10 Countdown yet, but I'd like to try one!) coming your way so please stay in touch! :)


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