Saturday, May 14, 2011

Smallville FINALE - SPOILERS - WOW!!!!!!

OK, wow ... this was pure PERFECTION!!! I seriously could not have possibly asked for a better send-off. It had everything I've ever wanted over the last 10 years, and MORE. SO MUCH MORE! I'm blown away! Truly!! :)

I will TRY to write a proper 'review' in the next day or so if I get some sleep & get to feeling better (long story).

I *really* couldn't sleep at ALL tonight. So here I am. It's 6am and I've got 3 more clips to share. They're all in order, so you can just go to the PLAYLIST link, click "PLAY ALL," and you're set for a little mini-Finale!! Seriously, the entire Playlist is about 51 minutes long, which means there's only about 30 minutes of the episode I DIDN'T include!!

I've NEVER gone to this extreme before, but it's worth it because, well, this is the end and it was ... priceless.

Still, I really do hope that at least some people enjoy the clips I've spent the last 8 hours working on! :) I figured it was the last time I'd ever get to do it, so even if only a dozen or so people care that I'm posting it, that's OK because I enjoy doing it and I'm happy to offer this. In the end, the people who DO enjoy it, make up for the ones who don't ... in spades! :)

So here ya go ... now I'm gonna get me some breakfast & try to take a nap at least. I've forgotten what sleep is (long story, won't bore any of you with my personal crap LOL). Goodnight, or more likely, good MORNING to all of you. I do hope you enjoy the clips - yes, even you lurkers out there, haha! ;)

By My Side
Chloe & Lois (Clark's Vows)
A Perfect Fit (Door Scene)
Down the Aisle
Wedding or Darkness?
Luthors Face Their Darkseid
Go Save the World!
The Villain & The Hero (Lex Vs. Clark)
Tess Makes a Choice
Guidance (Kent Family)
Clark's Trials (FLIGHT!)
Lift the Darkness (TIGHTS!)
It's a Bird, it's a Plane, it's SUPERMAN!
A SUPER Future!

PLAYLIST LINK ...consists of 14 incredible clips, totaling about 51 minutes, IN ORDER, so please spread the word! ;)

Oh, and before I go ...
How AWESOME was the trending event tonight on Twitter??

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