Friday, April 29, 2011


I still can NOT believe that in two weeks, it will all be over. Ten years. TEN. YEARS!

Trying not to focus on that, though. It's been an incredible journey. SUPER, really. Yes - it's a terrible pun but it's necessary, deal with it, LOL.

That said, tonight was Justin Hartley's directorial debut and WOW did he knock it out of the park! Hard to ignore how much I've missed Oliver. Don't get me started on the blond bimbo he went off & married last time we saw him in "Fortune!" Sorry Chloe-fans, but my hatred toward that self-absorbed, self-entitled little witch has been growing steadily since around Season 8. Now I'll never forgive her for marrying Dinah's soul-mate (I don't care if they were never gonna happen on Smallville, I'm still a Dollie fan).

I also have missed Zod, oh so much! Callum Blue is almost too good to be true, and I'm so glad we got to see him one more time before the end. I never thought anyone would hold a candle to Terence Stamp, but Callum definitely has shown he is worth kneeling before! Now you can go ahead and make that dirty if you want, LOL, because honestly - well - I'll just stop there in case children are reading ... *evil grin*

Erica Durance was the real star of this episode, is there any scene that woman CAN'T steal? Wow. I swear, she literally had me in tears - more than once. She really does put all other Lois Lane's to shame. I am going to miss her in this role, but I'm so thankful we got 7 amazing years of her. This also marked her 100th episode of Smallville, I'm told, and her extraordinary (even for her!) performance certainly was worthy of any milestone!

Cassidy Freeman was incredible, too - and I've gotta say the woman looks ADORABLE in glasses! I'll have to actually go back and look again but it seemed to me that she was wearing Emil's glasses? If they weren't his, I'd say they were extremely similar design to his. Which, I'm not gonna lie, makes me oddly happy. ;) I think those two are adorable together ... and I'm enjoying the fact that she's got a "good guy" again - even if it is only for a short time before the finale.

But oh, Justin! Justin and Callum ... on my screen. In the same SCENES even! Was just ... wow! I thought my TV was gonna melt. It's no secret that I've always found the "supporting" men on Smallville more attractive than our "leading" man. It's just personal taste. Michael Rosenbaum, Justin Hartley, Callum Blue - they are the ones who get my heart pounding! Tom Welling is just too "pretty" for me, and while I can understand that millions of women drool over him week after week, he just doesn't do - nor has he ever done - anything for me. *steps away from the flying tomatoes*

There were a lot of amazing moments in this episode, and even some surprises (to me, at least). I won't go into them too much. Just have to say that I thought the sript was really brilliant, and I loved that it had a LOT of callbacks to the ENTIRE series, not just season 9! Most notably, bringing up BOTH "versions" of Zod. I thought that was a GREAT touch. I'm still slightly confused about Oliver and the final scene, gotta be honest, but I'm sure it's leading into next week and his meeting with Kara. Clois just gets better and better. The final scene was probably the most beautiful, touching and well=acted scenes, well, EVER. And here I thought they wouldn't be able to top the now infamous "couch scene" from last week's "Booster!!" ;) But honestly, it was just the PERFECT scene. I don't know how else to say it. There are no words to describe ... so I'll shut up now and post a few clips so you can just see for yourself!

Perfect Spot
A Hero's Wife

I'm light on clips at the moment because I've been feeling pretty bad this week (spent all day at the doctor & not even sure how I stayed awake tonight, honestly). But I'm sure you'll enjoy the ones I DO have here. If I can I'll post more over the weekend, and they'll automatically be added to THE PLAYLIST, so just keep an eye on that.

Enjoy - and I hope everyone has a great weekend! See you next Friday for Prophecy - we get Supergirl, and Super Lois - among many many other amazing surprises! Can't wait! ;)

P.S. For those who don't know, my apartment was actually hit by a small tornado very early Wednesday morning (I currently live in Tennessee). It was the most frightening morning/day of my entire life! I'm fine, thank goodness, but our neighborhood had a fair amount of damage. That said, however, it's nothing like the people in other areas of the South - especially Alabama - are going through right now. I'm not a religious person at all, but my thoughts & prayers are going out to everyone who is affected in any way by the storms! I know how scared I was & my apartment is still standing - so my empathy level is just that much higher. I urge anyone out there who is able to do what they can by maybe donating to the Red Cross or some other outlet to help the victims of this tragedy, or at least send some good thoughts or prayers to the people hit by these storms. Take care of yourselves everyone, and stay safe out there!

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