Monday, June 7, 2010

SuperGEM's Top 100 Season 9 Clois Countdown

Okay, Smallville fans, it's finally time for my Top 100 Season 9 Clois Countdown! :)

Click HERE to watch a special PREVIEW video!

I wanted to get it finished before the Twitter event today, celebrating 72 years of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, and I got it done just in time!

We all know Season 9 was incredible, easily the best season ever ... especially for Lois and Clark fans! What do YOU think the #1 Moment will be? What would YOUR top moment(s) be? I have a feeling the top choice will be fairly unanimous! ;)

I already have all of the clips mapped out ... yes, there really are 100! I should start uploading the actual videos soon, so keep an eye on my sites if you're interested. The actual Countdown will be posted on my SuperGEMCountdowns YouTube Channel, unless that one gets suspended (which is possible the way they have been cracking down on me lately). So in addition to my Blog, please make sure & subscribe to my Main YouTube channel and/or follow me on Twitter to stay in touch.

The #1 Moment of Season 9 will be revealed before Comic Con in late July. That's my goal, at least! I'll try to get a posting schedule up soon. In the meantime, keep an eye on my BLOG here for messages, updates and similar news. :)

Just think ... I had 50 beautiful Clois Moments for my Season 8 Countdown last year ... and I have 100 Clois Moments for Season 9. Makes you wonder ... just how SUPER is Season 10 going to be?!? :)


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