Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rosenbaum RETURNS!!!

Rosenbaum Back for Series Finale!

I cannot even begin to describe how ECSTATIC I am that Michael Rosenbaum is coming back to Smallville for the series finale! There are NO words. The last few days have been crazy. Depressing, even. We were told that it wasn't looking good, then that it simply wasn't going to happen. That he had no interest in returning. Then tonight, seemingly out of nowhere, not long after Beacon aired (on the East Coast) the announcement came through and Rosenbaum himself even tweeted about his return! I swear you could hear Superman and Smallville fans rejoicing from all over the world!! It was an incredible feeling, and it has been a wonderful night!

Finally getting the reassurance that all of the buildup they have been focusing on this season, the clones, Lionel's return, and of course young Lex who is aging at just the right speed. Instead of being frustrated that it was going to lead to a big, fat, disappointing dead-end, and instead of being angry at the fact that it seemed like TPTB may have made one of the biggest blunders in TV history by putting all of their eggs in one basket without knowing whether or not it would work out ... fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief! Their gamble paid off!

Frankly I don't care what they had to do or promise to get Rosenbaum back, as far as I'm concerned they backed themselves into a corner and if they had to promise their first born child to him to get him to sign on, then that's exactly what they should have done! Considering they have focused very little on other villains *cough*Darkseid*cough* all year - it would have been an enourmous waste of precious time had this not worked out in their favor. But that doesn't matter any longer, because it's REALLY happening! It's going to be OK! He's coming back, and I couldn't be more excited!

Hell, even Twitter has EXPLODED over this - and that's rare for Smallville fans. No, wait, actually it's damn near impossible, lol! Both "Michael Rosenbaum" and "Lex Luthor" were top trends worldwide for several HOURS tonight, and that is just, well, SUPER! I cannot WAIT for this to unfold now, and even though it will be bittersweet I will now be counting the days to May 13th and that epic 2-hour finale. It wouldn't have felt right without Rosenbaum. Just like you can't end the show without Superman, or Lois Lane, you can't end it without Lex Luthor. At last, it will all come full circle.

Michael Rosenbaum is the best Lex Luthor I've ever seen, just as Erica Durance is the best Lois Lane. I coulnd't be happier. Now if they would only bring Perry and Martian Manhunter, along with the other characters they've already announced - I'll be 150% satisfied. For now, though, I am basking in the glory of this fantastic news.

And while I'm basking, I'm reliving one of Rosenbaum's FINEST performances, in my opinion. A preview of what's to come. Way back in April 2005, there was this little episode called Onyx that - to me - was the epitome of just how amazing Rosenbaum was at portraying Lex Luthor. It doesn't get much better than this. If you've never seen the show, THIS is the scene I would encourage anyone to watch to get hooked on the epic conflict between Clark Kent and Lex Luthor. It's twisted, it's powerful and it's even funny as hell. Only Rosenbaum could pull this off. (CLICK TO WATCH) I cannot WAIT to see what they have in store for his final send-off. I just couldn't stand the idea of his farewell being that less-than scene in Arctic where the Fortress collapses on top of him and Clark. He deserved a better farewell than that, and now he is going to get it!!!!

I know I'm pretty much rambling here, but that's just the excitement taking hold. ;)

All that said ... BRING IT ON, LEX!!!

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