Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kent SPOILERS!! PLUS a special FINALE Preview!

Hey all, it's been a while. Hope everyone is well! On one hand, that hiatus was way too long. On the other, well, it flew by. *sigh*

That said ... it's CLIP time! :)

Sorry it took so long this week. My new medication (for my fibromyalgia) is making it VERY hard to stay awake late like I used to, so I'll really be struggling for the next 4 weeks. But I'm determined to continue bringing clips to those who need/want them - just as I have done for the last few years. So please, enjoy! :)

Sell the farm?
One way trip
Clark Luthor & Lois
We'll get him back
It's not the place
Luthor vs. Luthor, and Kent
Smallville is my home


BTW ... no idea what the "consensus" is ... but personally I freaking LOVED this episode. Exceeded my expectations, in spades! :) I have to watch it again to be sure, but my first impression basically was that every single moment was damn near perfect. Which is rare for me. Now, admittedly it could be low expectations (something most Smallville fans are accustomed to, let's be honest lol) or just plain 'ole nostalgia. Nah, who am I kidding? The episode ROCKED!

Now, as for the finale ... which I still have a hard time admitting is only 5 weeks away ... this "promo" is just, wow!

Goosebumps all over! No way to describe how excited I am, yet at the same time it is so bittersweet. I'm going to miss this show more than I care to admit. Which is funny considering I barely cared about it up until about season 4 - and even then it wasn't until season 6 that I got truly hooked. For the record - by season 8, I was obsessed. ;) Ten years is a long time, and in TV years - especially for a sci-fi comic book show - well, it's not just a LONG time, it's more like a LIFEtime.

That said, in the meantime I'm gonna focus on the amazing-ness of it all and worry later about how severe of a breakdown I'm going to have at 9:02pm on May 13th, 2011. ;)

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