Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas, Clois Fans!!

The SECOND ROUND of e-mails has been sent out to people who got their request in after I mailed out the first round on Dec. 23rd!

Again, I had to send the e-mails from my AOL account ...

Be sure to check your SPAM folders if you don't see it in your INBOX. If you believe you should have gotten an e-mail and it is not in your SPAM folder, send me an e-mail at supergem3[at] and I'll get back to you ASAP.

IMPORTANT!... the MEGAUPLOAD link in the FIRST ROUND of e-mails for Part Six was INCORRECT. A few of you have contacted me about this and I have replied to those e-mails, but to those who haven't had a chance to download yet E-MAIL ME FOR THE CORRECT LINK if you need it. Or just use Rapidshare.

THANK YOU to Vi, who was the first person to alert me to the problem! :)

The Rapidshare link for Part Six WAS correct, so people have been able to successfully download the full video file using that link.

As far as I know, there are no other technical issues with the links or the video. If you do run across any problems, though, please let me know!

As you all know, the video file is password protected and you can't get the video without the other 11 parts ... which is why I have no issue with posting this ONE link here. Anyone who doesn't have the other links or the passwords won't be able to do anything with this link anyway. ;)

A reminder ... there are TWO PASSWORDS. One to open the Word document, and one to unzip the video file. The password you need to unzip the video file is INCLUDED in the Word document - in the last paragraph.

Do NOT share the passwords with other fans. If I learn that these passwords have been leaked I'll delete the links, the project and future fans will lose out. I am monitoring the downloads so if there is any unusual activity, I WILL know.

Thanks again everyone, as I get more requests in I will be sending out the information every few days or so until interest tapers off.

Happy Holidays!! :)

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